We appreciate all of our clients and would like to thank those who have sent us the following testimonials. Thank you.
“We have engaged Hallstrom, Klein & Ward LLP on numerous occasions, from writing terms and conditions, to contractual document reviews and through to more complex issues. As our HQ is not in the California we need reliable attorneys that could understand our requirements and provide us with exemplary service. We are not attorneys, our legal knowledge is limited and we need to fully understand all our options prior to making any decisions. We have found both Betty (Levine) and Grant (Hallstrom) provide us with this quality service. Dependant on our requirements we are always engaged with the right attorney who has knowledge of the particular area we need advice.

Simply put, our relationship with Hallstrom, Klein & Ward LLP is more than just transactional we feel it is more a partnership, all of our team love working with Betty and we would strongly recommend Hallstrom, Klein & Ward LLP for all your legal requirements.”

– Colin Campbell
“I’ve been an entrepreneur for decades, and I’ve known Mr. Grant Hallstrom for decades. There is simply no one better than Grant. My businesses have included everything from major apparel companies in Los Angeles, to NFL licensees, to high tech, to investments. Grant secured financing for my companies, and he also handled all of the other business issues, including litigation. He knows an incredible amount of industries and has a great sense of business structuring from small to public companies. Most important, Grant is 100% honest, 100% dependable, and 100% reliable.
– Leo Orozco
“It has been eighteen years since my wife and I found Hallstrom, Klein and Ward LLP. We met with Grant Hallstrom to help us start our dream of opening our own business. Grant explained the differences between an S corporation and an LLC and just like that, we were incorporated. Over the years, we have sought out Grant several times to help us with questions and when needed, legal help. Grant and his team have always been responsive, helpful and most importantly understanding of the situations we presented to him for help. It’s been a wonderful relationship and I highly recommend Hallstrom, Klein and Ward, LLP.”
– Lyle R. Trager
“I unexpectedly was named in a law suit against my Mom’s brother which came at a time when I was very emotional as I had just lost my Mother. Hallstrom, Klein & Ward, LLP was recommended to us and Betty Levine specifically. Betty met with us immediately and jumped right into the case. She kept things moving forward continuously, despite some unexpected brick walls we encountered. Her knowledge of law as well as her ability to consult experts in a specific area when needed resulted in us winning the law suit in a shorter period of time than expected. She was always mindful of our emotions and was very polite and professional. I would recommend her to anyone.
– Cindy Mouzakis
“The financial challenge that I faced, followed by the bankruptcy option that I exercised, was for me a low point in my life. However, my decision to engage Paul Kurtzhall with the law firm of Hallstrom, Klein & Ward LLP was instrumental in getting my life back on the right track. Paul’s ability to (a) re-think his strategies in the face of the actions of the opposition and some of the earlier decisions of the bankruptcy court together with (b) Paul’s work ethic led to some great wins which changed my life back for the better. Thank you Paul for your counsel and for your successful work on my behalf.”
– Albert Edwards
“I highly recommend Hallstrom, Klein & Ward, LLP for any of your personal or business legal needs. The staff is extremely professional, timely, knowledgeable and diligent to protect you and get for you what you deserve. They are very fairly priced and even took my case on contingency at a great rate.

One thing that impressed me the most is that they are very honest and told me like it was even if it was something I didn’t want to hear. They are great at managing expectations and in my case didn’t over commit and under deliver. “

– Mark BeDell
“I wish I had the right words to describe my exceptional experience with Grant Hallstrom and his incredible team. When time comes to count on someone reliable to understand your situation and help you going through challenges, Grant is the best ally. He was more knowledgeable and involved in my case that I could be myself, analyzing and anticipating every aspect of it in order to bring it to a great resolution. The level of expertise and professionalism reflect the outstanding result from a desperate situation to a life changing experience. I couldn’t be more grateful for what he did for my family and my business. Very humbly, thank you Grant.”
– Daniel Neskovic
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