Grant J. Hallstrom

Grant J. Hallstrom

Managing Partner
(949) 450-8500

Practice Areas:  Mergers/Acquisitions, Corporate Law, Commercial Transactions, Business Litigation, Securities, Taxation, Real Estate, Apparel, and Mediation.

  Founded the Business Law Center in 1999, which has grown into the full service business law firm of Hallstrom, Klein & Ward, LLP.  As its managing partner, he oversees both transactional and litigation matters.  He has extensive experience in the securities, insurance, real estate, apparel, and high tech industries.  He previously served as an executive of a national NASD securities firm, and was responsible for its compliance and due diligence departments. 

Education:  Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western State University College of Law, was a member of Law Review, and received the American Jurisprudence Bancroft-Whitney Award for excellent achievement in the study of Corporations, Taxation of Business, and Trusts.

Admitted:  California Superior Courts, California Appellant Courts, California Supreme Court, and the United States District Court California Central District.

He is also fluent in Spanish.

(949) 450-8500
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