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HALLSTROM KLEIN & WARD LLP is a vital resource that our clients rely on to safely navigate through today’s massive number of employment laws and regulations. In today’s highly regulated environment, dealing with employment law issues is often a major component of a business’ operations. It is critical that companies have knowledgeable and experienced attorneys available to assist them with these complex employment law matters.
The firm’s skilled and seasoned attorneys are able to assist businesses in a plethora of employment related matters, from preventive training and counseling, drafting of agreements, to representation in administrative hearings, arbitrations, litigation and appeals.

Claims and Litigation

We aggressively defend employers in administrative hearings, arbitrations as well as federal and state courts, against the whole range of employment-related controversies, including:

  • Race, religion, age, gender, pregnancy and disability discrimination claims
  • Sexual and other workplace harassment claims under Title VII or state law
  • Retaliation, and wrongful termination claims
  • Claims of defamation and invasion of privacy
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Breach of employment and confidentiality agreements
  • Unfair competition and trade secret matters
  • Claims under FMLA & FEHA
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Appeals

Our experience enables us to gauge the exposure our clients face, litigate in a cost effective manner, and know how to limit our clients’ risk and resolve matters quickly.

Counseling and Training

We collaborate closely with our clients’ management and human resource professionals to help them avoid claims before they are made. We regularly counsel companies and provide training and seminars on all facets of employment law, including the following:

  • Employment policies and procedures
  • California AB 1825 required Sexual Harassment training
  • Accommodating a disabled worker under the ADA
  • Employee vacation and sick leave
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Unemployment compensation matters
  • Potential discrimination and other claims
  • Due process and privacy issues
  • Work-force reductions
  • Various personnel matters
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Workplace violence
  • Email and internet usage
  • Progressive discipline
  • Employee relation audits
  • Conflicts of interest and fiduciary duties

Our comprehensive counseling and training not only helps our clients avoid time-consuming and costly litigation from workplace problems, but also enhances their chance of prevailing in those proceedings that are commenced.

Besides advising our clients on a host of general employment related matters, we have extensive experience in dealing with the extra-ordinary labor and employment law issues associated with the garment industry. We have represented a number of clients in the apparel industry, including one client with over 5000 employees.

Documents and Agreements

In addition to counseling clients on their day-to-day employment law matters, we also draft agreements and documents to implement viable employment policies. These materials include the following:

  • Employee handbooks and personnel manuals
  • Employment applications
  • Employment offer letters and term sheets
  • Employment agreements
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Performance reviews and warning letters
  • Arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution policies
  • Termination agreement and releases

A Winning Team Approach

Our expertise in employment law is also an important adjunct to our Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions practice, and helps facilitate the successful completion of these transactions.

Based in Orange County, Hallstrom Klein & Ward attorneys represent clients throughout Southern California in their Employment Law matters. Our firm can also help you in areas related to Employment Law including: Civil Litigation, Business Formation and Corporate.

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