Mediation Services

Mediation is an exceptional service offered by Hallstrom, Klein & Ward, LLP.  Mediation is a non-binding, informal settlement conference facilitated by the efforts of a neutral third party, the mediator.  Our colleagues encouraged us to become mediators due to our dedication to solving problems quickly to expedite early resolutions of disputes.  

Our trained and experienced practitioners are highly qualified to assist parties and their attorneys to reach resolutions to emotionally-charged disputes.  As respected practicing attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex civil litigation matters, we have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved to resolve bitterly-contested, multi-party business disputes.  One party referred to our attorney as the cadmium rod in a nuclear reactor who absorbed all of the negative energy in an explosive situation so that a settlement could be reached.

Our business acumen combined with our legal experience and personal patience, creativity and tenacity, provides us with distinctive skills to negotiate “win-win” settlements where existing business relationships are often preserved.  We are able to grasp and analyze complex business and legal matters to focus the dispute on the relevant issues.

We usually are able to schedule complex multi-day cases on consecutive days.  Additionally, parties can take comfort in knowing that no mediation client represents a significant portion of our business.  We strive to hold our fairness and integrity above reproach.  We can deal with difficult personalities, unrealistic expectations, entrenched positions, and complex issues.   We are prepared to mediate a variety of matters, including:

  • All types of complex commercial transactions
  • Partnership and corporate disputes
  • Patent, trademark and copyright infringement
  • Trade secret
  • Unfair business practice
  • Real estate matters
  • Construction disputes
  • Employment matters
  • Securities
  • Products liability
  • Insurance coverage and bad faith
  • Professional liability
  • Serious injury claims
  • Environmental

We offer litigants a cost-effective alternative to expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining litigation.

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