Commercial Transactions

Our attention to detail, and our understanding of the nuances involved in business transactions, helps our clients avoid many pitfalls in their business dealings.

We help our clients form and dissolve corporations, partnerships, limited-liability companies, and joint ventures. We help clients negotiate and document real estate leases as well as the purchase and sale or real or personal property. We structure licensing and distribution and franchising agreements. We assist our clients with all aspects of their commercial transactions such as drafting generic or specific purchase orders, order confirmations, and other contracts subject to the Uniform Commercial Code. We can help negotiate and document venture capital financing deals and private debt and equity offerings. We help our clients negotiate commercial loan agreements, inventory and equipment based loans, letters of credit, as well as a variety of other commercial transactions.

Our firm’s attorneys have expertise with equipment finance, commercial and asset-based lending, factoring, franchising and other corporate and transactional matters. When we assist companies with structuring their transactions, our focus is on helping our clients achieve their business objectives while we navigate them through the maze of legal issues involved.We strive to ensure that transactions are structured in line with our client’s interest and close quickly in a cost-effective manner.

We work with many different types of companies in several industries, including: technology, apparel, real estate and a number of other service industries.

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